“Send me your deck.”

Every founder has heard this and, if you’re not prepared, the result is often fear and confusion. What’s a deck? Is it a presentation? A document? A business plan?
What should go in your deck? How should you write it? Who should write it? What does a modern deck look like? 

And then there are all of the ancillary questions: How do I present it? Who should present it? And what if I send it out and someone steals my idea?

Don’t worry. Everything will be explained in this short book. Our goal is to make you a pitching superstar by offering you two types of pitch decks and some advice on how to give the best pitches on the block.

About the Author

Your guide, John Biggs, has heard and given thousands of pitches during his career and his work has raised millions of dollars for various startups. He is a 15-year veteran of TechCrunch and an entrepreneur who has built and funded six successful startups.

Pitch Decks for Founders – John Biggs Excerpt by John Biggs on Scribd

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